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The Brief Milestones of King Arthur: 3


The Holy Grail

The arrival of the holy grail is a big moment for Arthur, though sadly not a positive one. The grail’s appearance is tied up with the arrival of Galahad. The grail is this rather strange symbol of mystic faith and Galahad is the perfect, spiritual knight. There’s quite a different feel about this part of the story.

One day the knights are all in Camelot for a holy day. They hear mass and then sit down for a feast but are interrupted by a woman who rides in at breakneck speed. She wants Lancelot to dub Galahad knight. Lancelot goes with her, meets Galahad and when he returns (without Galahad) to Arthur’s court, they all see that mysterious messages written in gold have appeared on their chairs around the round table. One is called The Perilous Seat and a cryptic message predicts that this seat belongs to someone marvellous.
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A spell to see one’s future

Guy_Fawkes_bonfire_2007Augurs look in the guts – of birds, pigs, men, anything with viscera will do. Personally I have never had the stomach for the slice and slop method, though I hear it yields results to those who know what to look for.

In Ferane, I heard of a different method. Ferane is to the south of Ganhas, a boggy sort of place where they’re always turning up the gleaming mummies of centuries-old sacrificial victims as they cut peat. No one has any idea what god or man they were killed for but the discovery always stirs up interest in the magically minded. A body preserved, a soul committed to a deity: that’s always something of a gateway.

They call them the ‘Sad people out of time’, though that doesn’t capture the echo of ‘poor unlucky bastard’ the original term carries with it: Avank bagae grhaghoa.
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RpgGamerGirl says…

girlBigOnce upon a time Princess Ponywony found a dragon. It had a  mouth and scales and a big pony was sitting down by the dragon. “I love trees,” said the big pony.

“Ikey dikey I love bikey,” said the dragon.

“Trees have leaves,” said Princess Ponywony.

The dragon flies and it has wings. Its wings are red. It flies to its cave. The ponies have wings too and they lie down on their beds and after a while they woke up. The dragon came and it ate them up. Inside the dragon’s tummy they found a mouse. It cried, because its tail has been bitten off by the dragon. Continue reading “RpgGamerGirl says…”

Brief Milestones of King Arthur: 1

530px-Arthur-Pyle_King_Arthur_of_BritainFor the 50th (and birthday) episode of the RpgGamerDad podcast I talked to RpgGamerDad about the Thomas Malory’s Le Morte D’Arthur for RpgGamerMum Reads Ancient Tomes So You Don’t Have To. Le Morte D’Arthur is a wonderful but absolutely massive tome in gorgeous but sometimes tiresome to read late Middle English.  I love it but can fully understand why it wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

Originally RpgGamerDad asked me to provide a 5 minute summary but it soon became clear that simply wasn’t an option. You can hear us talk about Morte D’Arthur here  (it starts at the 30 minute mark and lasts half an hour). And even that is a vastly edited down version! So here, in three parts is my summary of the milestones of the life of King Arthur, as found in Morte D’ArthurContinue reading “Brief Milestones of King Arthur: 1”

A spell to bring good fortune

johannsiemens_treeA spell to bring good fortune

This spell was the subject of a fascinating study some years ago by Professor Ptarmigan Child. His thesis makes for a very interesting read and, alas, I can here only provide the bare bones of his remarkable study.

In Ganhas, as I have mentioned before, magic is simply a part of life. Good fortune, in particular is a very common part of agricultural life. Professor Child was able to demonstrate that the repeated act of bending to sow seeds in the Spring and the repeated bending to harvest crops in the Autumn has the effect of generating good fortune about the roots of some of the commonest crops, in particular the potato, the beetroot and, also in some fruit crops such as the strawberry. Continue reading “A spell to bring good fortune”

RpgGamerBoy says…

One day some pepol were at the beach and then a fling soser came doun and took them to Plooto and they got took to a cave and they lived there, and they were made sslaves and they workt hard but one day they found a hole and they escapt on to Plooto. They fell in a crater. It was a maz and they got out then they got home and they luved it. The End.