A spell to heal

texture-444676_640Another spell. Although this one is really more of an excuse not to share a spell.

A spell to heal

I wouldn’t recommend it.

I really wouldn’t. It’s better to let the injured body heal itself, or doctor it with herbs. Healing magic is too brutal. There’s a reason the generals go sniffing round it, you know.  Honestly, there are as many reasons not to do it as there are ills we’d like to heal.

Take a sick man, for instance. Sick in bed, sick to death. He has been there months perhaps or only a few hours. But he is very ill. Can you heal him?

Of course.

But healing magic is unfocused and strong. Can you be precise enough? Can you affect only the damaged part? Healing magic runs rife through the organs of the body. They will swell and burgeon and mutate. Wings may grow, scales, you name it.

A healed woman who conceives within a season of her healing must expect two armfuls of babies at least (either in size or number). If the circumstances were severe enough, she may even find a baby where a man has never been. And the children of that conception are quite reason enough against this spell, believe me.

And then, of course, there is the ‘influence’ of the caster. Have you seen a sick man rise up after the ministrations of a powerful (but not overly precise) mage? He will be like a shadow of the mage, he will share his memories, his tastes, his beliefs. He may even look a little like him. The generals like this one in particular.

And what of injuries: broken bones, gashed flesh, amputated or disfigured limbs? In a way this is a safer field to work in. Bone and flesh knit quickly, avoiding the ‘influence’. But the magic is unpredictable. A blue eye may heal brown. A replaced arm may sprout feathers in the nesting season. A sealed wound may gradually grow teeth and tongue and shout obscenities during holy service. A knitted bone may contract or lengthen until the cure is considerably worse than the ill.

The mage’s touch must be light enough and yet firm enough to allow no tricks or distortions to occur. But how to teach that light firmness? I can’t let you loose on the world to practise.

I have it here, the cursed spell of healing, on this twist of paper.

And I will never, never, let you have it.

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