RpgGamerGirl says…

girlBigOnce upon a time Princess Ponywony found a dragon. It had a  mouth and scales and a big pony was sitting down by the dragon. “I love trees,” said the big pony.

“Ikey dikey I love bikey,” said the dragon.

“Trees have leaves,” said Princess Ponywony.

The dragon flies and it has wings. Its wings are red. It flies to its cave. The ponies have wings too and they lie down on their beds and after a while they woke up. The dragon came and it ate them up. Inside the dragon’s tummy they found a mouse. It cried, because its tail has been bitten off by the dragon.

When the dragon opened its mouth, they got out of the dragon and they fell out onto the ground. They hurt their knees. They cried. The ponies were happy again because the dragon found a bear and the bear blew ice at them and that stopped the dragon eating them again.

The bear ran away from the dragon and kept running but became friends with the dragon. They walked along to the polar-bear’s igloo. He was called Authen. The dragon was called Pomby. They went into the igloo. The dragon blew out fire and it blew all the towels down. Authen made some more towels out of bits and socks. They were pink towels. They lay down on one of the pink towels and went to sleep.

They woke up on the towels and went out of the igloo. The bear turned into a bird, a monster bird. Then he turned into a bear again. Then the dragon and the bear went into the igloo again.

The ponies came to the igloo too and they went in.”I like trees so much,” they all said. They were all friends because they all liked trees.

The scales fell off the dragon. The scales fell down on the table. The dragon ate the scales. They were tasty. The dragon said, “Thank you, bear,” and the bear said, “I love you so much.” And then they were friends.

The End

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