About the RpgGamerFamily



I am RpgGamerMum. I am the mother of two small children who love role-playing games and making up stories. Though I have come by my ‘rpggamer’ handle by accident as I am not a regular gamer, I love to write with and for (and in spite of) my children. You may have heard of me from such podcasts as RpgGamerDad and…no, wait, that’s it!

RpgGamerDad is the one who started all this and his enthusiasm and hard work have really inspired me. This sister- (wife-?) blog will provide extra, literature- rather than game-based content to sit alongside RpgGamerDad’s interviews and actual-plays. Not all of the content will be child-friendly but anything that isn’t will be clearly tagged.

It will feature:

  • short stories and serialized novels by RpgGamerMum
  • stories by RpgGamerBoy and RpgGamerGirl,
  • prompts and story ideas for you to use
  • book reviews
  • text versions of my RpgGamerMum Reads Ancient Tomes so You Don’t Have To segment on RpgGamerDad’s podcast.

I am looking forward to sharing all this with you and I very much hope to be able to feature work written by you inspired by anything you have heard or read on the RpgGamerFamily sites!

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