Books for children

Jack and Nancy by Quentin Blake

RpgGamerGirl loves this book. She loves pointing out Nancy (like me!) and Jack (a big boy, like RpgGamerBoy!). I love reading it too because the illustrations are gorgeous, particularly the one where the two children climb down a waterfall. And the storm clouds are magnificent.

jack and nancyJack and Nancy, two 18th(?) century children, are whisked off to a desert island when they open up their father’s green umbrella in a strong wind. They make friends with a parrot, swim with fish, eat fruit off bushes and sleep up a tree. Eventually they are rescued by a passing sailing ship, taught to dance the hornpipe, and taken home.

Actually, both GamerGirl and GamerBoy love the umbrella part – and the fact that Jack and Nancy gain a pet parrot (though GamerGirl insists it’s an owl).

Maybe this could be a good way to start a game with kids? They could end up anywhere of course, not necessarily on a desert island…

The Mr Gum books by Andy Stanton 

mr gumMr Gum and his pal Billy William the Third are a pair of absolute horrors and they make RpgGamerBoy (6) laugh like a drain. RpgGamerGirl (3) loves them too though I doubt she has much idea what is going on. Stanton is playful with language and the villains are enjoyably revolting (though not particularly scatalogical). I find the books almost as hilarious as the kids do. Stanton’s take on Humpty-dumpty,  ‘Yolk boy, yolk boy, that wall’s not safe,” cracks me up every time I remember it.

Thrones and Bones by Lou Anders

thrones and bonesWe are big fans of these books (so much so RpgGamerDad and I voiced the trailer for them!) I’m not allowed to read them to RpgGamerBoy – that’s for special daddy-son time just before bed. I have a sneaky listen in though.

Check out the trailers for Frostborn here and Nightborn here.


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