A spell to see one’s future

Guy_Fawkes_bonfire_2007Augurs look in the guts – of birds, pigs, men, anything with viscera will do. Personally I have never had the stomach for the slice and slop method, though I hear it yields results to those who know what to look for.

In Ferane, I heard of a different method. Ferane is to the south of Ganhas, a boggy sort of place where they’re always turning up the gleaming mummies of centuries-old sacrificial victims as they cut peat. No one has any idea what god or man they were killed for but the discovery always stirs up interest in the magically minded. A body preserved, a soul committed to a deity: that’s always something of a gateway.

They call them the ‘Sad people out of time’, though that doesn’t capture the echo of ‘poor unlucky bastard’ the original term carries with it: Avank bagae grhaghoa.
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A spell to bring good fortune

johannsiemens_treeA spell to bring good fortune

This spell was the subject of a fascinating study some years ago by Professor Ptarmigan Child. His thesis makes for a very interesting read and, alas, I can here only provide the bare bones of his remarkable study.

In Ganhas, as I have mentioned before, magic is simply a part of life. Good fortune, in particular is a very common part of agricultural life. Professor Child was able to demonstrate that the repeated act of bending to sow seeds in the Spring and the repeated bending to harvest crops in the Autumn has the effect of generating good fortune about the roots of some of the commonest crops, in particular the potato, the beetroot and, also in some fruit crops such as the strawberry. Continue reading “A spell to bring good fortune”

RpgGamerBoy says…

One day some pepol were at the beach and then a fling soser came doun and took them to Plooto and they got took to a cave and they lived there, and they were made sslaves and they workt hard but one day they found a hole and they escapt on to Plooto. They fell in a crater. It was a maz and they got out then they got home and they luved it. The End.


The Scary Ladies

RpgGamerGirl and RpgGamerBoy collaborated on a story this morning. Sadly, I couldn’t get them to illustrate it.
Once upon a time there two scary ladies who weren’t well. They have brown hair and then yellow. They are witches. They accidentally made the wrong potion  and it gave them chickenpox. Then a scientist came to give them their medicine but then a lizard man shot him. Then the lizard man took the potion, put his head in it and then he ate the potion and he fell into the moon. The scary ladies had to make themselves better. They just buyed another potion. Then they really are better.
Then the scientist got up, bought a billion potions and then fed them to the moon and the moon turned bigger than the sun. All the planets shot away into the moon. Then the scientist gave himself a potion and the moon turned back to its normal size and the planets got shot back into their normal place. The scary ladies didn’t die.
The End

Of Frogbones

frog skeleton 2688710890_068e31fd92_oI have been taking my own advice and using the frog prompts I put up last month to get my write-on. I started a story but as it was threatening to become a novel, I decided to shelve it and maybe revisit it for the next Nanowrimo. Instead, I have written another ‘not-quite a spell’, inspired by the prompt: “Carrying the bones of a frog that has been ritually killed gives you magic abilities.” (One of the examples is the plot of the story I started. Guess which one.) Continue reading “Of Frogbones”

Spellbook – a spell to avert evil

kelley bozarthA while ago I was set a writing challenge of creating ‘spells’, such as making someone fall in love, revealing the truth and so on. I loved this challenge and was pleased with the results. I plan to let you read all of the spells, one at a time. If you feel inspired to write a spell and you’re happy with it, please let me know at rpggamermum@gmail.com!

When I first wrote these ‘spells’, however, I did have a reader take me to task for ‘making fun of her spiritual path’ and for believing that my spells were real (!). So just to clarify: this is a writing exercise, not a religious one and these spells are works of fiction (not practical guides). Continue reading “Spellbook – a spell to avert evil”

RpgGamerBoy: The Frog’s Magic Tongue

RpgGamerBoy has had a go at writing a story based on one of the frog prompts (Putting a frog tongue on a person while they sleep will make them reveal their secrets to you). We hope you enjoy it!
Once upon a time a frog wanted to go to the zoo. He licked a person who was sleeping in the lion cage. And then he knew why the man was sleeping in the lion cage. It was because he was actually a lion! He had been turned into a man by a silly penguin, who was really a silly kangaroo, who was really a silly whale, who was really a magic-whale, who could do funny spells. The lion had escaped from the zoo so the magic-whale had turned him into a man so he couldn’t hurt anyone. “That’s funny!” said the frog.


Campnanowrimo ’15 Winner!

I have just finished my 50,000 word collection of fairy-tales, written in 27 days as part of the Nanowrimo challenge. The stories will need a lot of editing but here’s an excerpt from the first story to whet your appetite:

The Spectacles of Making Do

Once upon a time, when a man could be hanged for stealing an apple and all clocks must be wound once a week or time itself would come to an end, a young girl ran away to seek her fortune. Continue reading “Campnanowrimo ’15 Winner!”