Here we go round the mulberry bush

1280px-Mulberry_1Yesterday the RpgGamerFamily had a trip out to a beautiful stately home and scrumped mulberries. Mulberries, if you have never tried them, are SUBLIME, very sweet and rich tasting and incredibly juicy. I would live on them – if I knew of the location of more than four trees across the whole of the UK.

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Ancient Tomes: The Children of Loki


As promised, here is an expanded version of the RpgGamerMum Reads Ancient Tomes So You Don’t Have To segment that went out in episode 25 of the RpgGamerDad podcast. You can hear GamerDad and me have a lovely old chat about Loki here in the original. But in the interests of not having a podcast three hours long, quite a lot got cut out! Here are my notes, which I hope make sense. You can find out more for yourself at wikipedia (or even in a book!) but hopefully this will give you enough of a taste to inspire you to write something or to give your game a bit of a Norse twist.

The original brief was to talk about the Prose Edda, which is a thirteenth century manuscript written or compiled by the wonderfully named Snorri Sturlason. But if I had attempted that we would have been looking at one hundred hours rather than three. So we decided instead to talk about some of the monsters of Norse mythology, and to leave the gods themselves for another day! So, here I present…the children of Loki. Continue reading “Ancient Tomes: The Children of Loki”

RpgGamerMum recommends:

penric's demonPenric’s Demon by Lois McMaster Bujold (novella)

I came across Lois McMaster Bujold only a couple of years ago and since then I’ve devoured every book of hers I could get my hands on. She’s very famous and has won umpteen awards so you no doubt already know about her but if, by some slim chance, you don’t, check her out. Her stories are always exciting and they are set in worlds where the magic or technology and history have been well-thought out and shape the culture the characters live in, in a very natural and interesting way. Continue reading “RpgGamerMum recommends:”